the beauty within

Do you remember when you were little and had the drive to discover the world? Everyday used to be a little adventure. The perception of little children consists as far as I remember of colours, sounds and feelings - erratic and fickle emotions.

But do you remember the time you discovered there was another world captured in words and in reading? How many times did I ask my parents at young age what the signs surrounding us meant. What really annoyed me was the fact that grown-ups had created a world on their own, which was only accessible to themselves.

Just think about how difficult and straining the process was to learn reading. The letters were repeated and rewritten over and over again, until you would think the teacher must be thinking you were severely retarded. The letters formed words, words formed sentences and your vocabulary expanded, well slowly...
And you started to write. And the writing was hard. And I hope by now, you have discovered the beauty that lies within reading and writing.

Don't you think, the real beauty of reading is the images it creates in your head, sometimes so vivid you can't draw the line between fiction and reality. Reading is so beautiful because it is such an intimate moment - a relationship between you and the narrator, which can't be shared with others.
Writing on the other hand possesses so much power - you can enforce your ideas and especially your emotions upon someone. Writing is adsorption in self or subject, depending on what you are writing about. ;)

It evolves. It develops and finds its peek in the act and the art of writing. Its genius crystallizes in solemn poetry.


There is another Poetry-
A poetry of inspiration
A poetry of help
A poetry of encouragement
A poetry of courage and heart
A poetry of love of life
Which teaches greater love of life.

There is another poetry
A poetry I would write
But the poetry I largely live in
Is complaint and question and fear and doubt
And trouble and sadness-
Oh why can’t I give some greater goodness to others
Than I am myself in my soul?

by Shalom Freedman

Is there a difference between the art of reading, writing e.g. poetry and essential apparel fashion? Leaving the commercial appeal aside, fashion is and embodies art. Fashion is just as much perception as it is expression.

The difference is fashion needs the beauty of words to be captured and communicated.

Pictures taken by Anfissa Poroshenko

Want to read a poem a day? Try this and the London Underground Poetry Project ;)

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  1. Saw you on chictopia and thought that maybe i could drop by. Thank God i did! Awesome blog and definitely love your photos. You're truly creative. Just followed you through GFC. Hope you can drop by mine as well. xo